Welcome to the Mission for Mihdi

Since his birth, 15 years ago, Mihdi Brock has worked and struggled courageously to overcome life-threatening health conditions in order to become the best he can be. The mission began because of Mihdi's great need for funding in order to have the treatments that would save his life. It has been working, and while there is still work to do, it is a truly miraculous story. The toddler that doctors didn't expect to walk and talk, nor survive past 10 years of age, is making his way towards adulthood. He may still need support for many years to come; he may not be able to make his way as an independent your man, but he is alive and experiencing what life has to offer him.

So far, Mihdi's life is quite a story - one of hope, courage, perseverance, and diligence, and one made possible through treatments and therapies of Oriental medicine, and the efforts of those who are helping him through their generous donations of time and financial contributions.

Mihdi 2009

A heartfelt thank you is sent to all - without you this story couldn't have been told.

Very soon after Mihdi was born, it became apparent that he was not well. He was not thriving as a normal baby should. When he was six months old, he underwent heart surgery, and so began his life of medical treatments, conventional and alternative, Oriental and Western, that continue on a daily basis to the present time and onwards. At this writing, Mihdi is almost 15 years old and he still has years of daily treatments and therapies ahead of him to simply stay alive.

If you'd like to hear more of Mihdi's story, and what it has taken for him to survive, please come on in. You are welcome here.

Where the journey began . . . .

For more information or to make a donation for Mihdi, please contact his father, Marvin Brock, at mihdisjourney@gmail.com. Whatever amount you can give, is greatly appreciated. Thank you.